Hello to all our readers. For our first article of 2015 we will publish in our magazine webmagazine: FIVE MINUTES WITH … We chose to interview the founder of Life Sentence Rec music group, Matthew Skud. We hope you will find the content of these interesting questions, so that ye may know that some curiosity in the world of the nightlife and its characters.


Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you beyond the music?

M: Well I’m a very organized person, I’m a creative 360 °, I produce music, work with friends for organizing events, I am an obsessive researcher because always try to automate a system mechanisms in order to save time. Love spending to play soccer, rugby and muay thay.

What music do you listen to?

M: I listen to a bit ‘of everything, starting from 80s rock to electronic music of the nowadays, I feel special sensations with every project I listen.

How did you get into music and how did you start your career?

M: This is a particular story, strange choices and my destiny lead me here to answer these questions. Before entering into world of underground music was a promising rugby player, unfortunately I suffered a serious injury in 2006 that did not allow me more to continue my sports career. at the time I went to the disco only by customer with friends. Then I started to get interested techno and minimal Berlin scene, I contacted some promoter and event organizers in northern Italy to give my contribution to the local scene. After a few months I realized I wanted to do one more step, I started my apprenticeship from small local clubs and raves such a dj, then in 2009 I started working as a music producer, hard to say everything that has happened, we say that it started well.

What’s in your studio? At what daw you entrust yourself?

M: 2 Yamaha HS80M, Ableton 9, NI Maschine Mikro Mk2, Novation Nocturn and MAudio 49i and small secret.

With what do you play at your live performances?

M: Using the system Traktor Scratch Pro 2 a lot versatile because I can take with me a lot of music, but I remain faithful to the old school as a controller use the timecode cd or vinyl, depends on the equipment that is on the stage.

What is the disk that you always keep with you in your bag?

M: It ‘a good question, I have a folder to store the songs that I enter the soul. Top of my head if I can, there are two songs that I always hope to play (depending on whether the dancefloor hot), D-Unity – Shake It (Original Mix), I hope to remix one day, it would be an honor; and Radio Slave, Danton Eeprom – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix).

Is there an anecdote you’d like to share?

M: I was going for the first time to play in a club far away from home, I was 19 or 20 years, this time I went with my sister that made me company during the journey and the show, I did not know the way, I went I trusted my navigator satellite in my car, almost halfway there did turn to a dirt road, we did about 5 km in a very dark and desolate road, at the end we arrived at the gate of a country house and we could not continue our trip, I had to reverse the car, turn off the navigator and get to the club looking road signs and asking all the people walking on the sidewalk. Never buy a TomTom.

What is your hidden dream?

M: I have many hidden dreams in my drawer, hardly will realize them all, but I work every day to realize them, mainly hope to continue to live with my passion for techno music, meet new people that my own passions and putting body and soul for what he believes.

What are you boiling in your pot? What are your plans in the next future?

M: I have 4 release in output and a remix, managerial work takes a lot of time to my work in the studio, when I can do my best, I’m developing some projects with some of my coworkers label, but for now I prefer to remain top seceret, not just will be formalized will be the first to know.

What do you think of family/company Life Sentence Rec?

M: Well I’m part of this family even before it was born, this is a serious project where people work with your heart and do their best for the brand and help each other, I think that places like this are a lot rare in the music scene …

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

M: Do not have any name in particular because I work always with those who like me pleasure to work together, the name is not important, ideas, talent and passion carry on collaborations and give birth. The music blends the true artists.

A curiosity about yourself and your life to tell the readers of this article.

M: About me there is one thing to say, I drive a lot well but slowly slowly, I drive like my grandfather, or perhaps he’s faster than me, ehehehe. I hope soon invent the teleporter.




We conclude this article by thanking Matthew Skud for the time he dedicated to our questions. We hope that you have enjoyed this initiative. Soon will come other interviews to satisfy all music lovers.

Ph. by Marco Fuso



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