Hello to all our readers. We will publish in our webmagazine: FIVE MINUTES WITH … We chose to interview our friend Nello Nicita aka Nick Morris, the veteran of DaBit Records and CEO of Sound Factory Studio. We hope you will find the content of these interesting questions, so that ye may know that some curiosity in the world of the nightlife and its characters.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you beyond the music?

N: I’m Nello Nicita (aka Nick Morris). Well, I am a normal person like many others that besides having a regular job and a family are also responsible, or as a hobby or passion and love, the music and everything that revolves around it. In particular I have always followed the dance music since the ’70’and the art of DJing. As a result of my efforts and my studies, I have focused exclusively in this area.

What music do you listen to?

N: This listening ranges from Funk, the Fusion, to Jazz, but also appreciate Techno, Deep House… Anyway I try to make a big selection in this “musical ocean” in which we find ourselves today, (from which we could be buried if you aren’t careful). Due to time constraints don’t listen to radio and watch little television, (and, after all, maybe it’s not so bad).

How did you get into music and how did you start your career?

N: Inside the music enters a bit for fun and a bit out of curiosity. Then everything will catch you and you start to drag you deeper and deeper into the vortex. In my case, my career began to play in ’78 and it continued to love in 1984.

What’s in your studio? At what daw you entrust yourself?

N: In the studio I rely meanwhile good acoustics, to more listening systems (three different pairs of monitors), and some synth, but especially to my musical instincts. IMac with a good HD Tunderbolt, and a UAD card, complete the package.

With what do you play at your live performances?

N: About 10 years ago a friend of mine showed me a video on YouTube, where ABLETON LIVE was used as DJ platform, and for me it was love at first sight.

What is the disk that you always keep with you in your bag?

N: There are many, but some of Kerry Chandler, Ron Trent, Ron Hardy, Theo Parrish and others …. believe me irreplaceable!!

Is there an anecdote you’d like to share?

N: Life is this. Nothing is easy. Nothing is impossible.

What is your hidden dream?

N: Play in a great club, up to 300 people with nice people and a great sound system for 12 hours.

What are you boiling in your pot? What are your plans in the next future?

N: Play in a great club, up to 300 people with nice people and a great sound system for 12 hours.

What do you think of family/company Life Sentence Rec?

N: In my future I wish there was health for myself, my family and my closest friends. I have no particular plans immediately, from time to time establish what should be done according to the time that I live and my energetic condition, comparing them with a couple of people that I always stand nearby.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

N: As I briefly mentioned earlier, I have no preference, surely the priority should be to people like me live this world with the right adrenaline proper love and passion.

A curiosity about yourself and your life to tell the readers of this article.

N: Basically they are still playful. When I take too seriously I do crap huge and I get stressed. So for me it works “doing seriously playing” .

We conclude this article by thanking Nello for the time he dedicated to our questions. We hope that you have enjoyed this initiative. Soon will come other interviews to satisfy all music lovers.