Hello guys. For our fifth article we will publish in our webmagazine: FIVE MINUTES WITH … We chose to interview a couple of young Italians, from Rome, from the end of 2013 they are working very actively in our staff, we are talking about Simone De Biasio and Vanessa Laino. We hope you will find the content of these interesting questions, so that ye may know that some curiosity in the world of the nightlife and its characters.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you beyond the music?

S: I love music, I love to play and I love to compose.Dj and Producer for life.

V: Actually I’m studying economic sciences in Rome. I like Surfin’ and play with fire (with bolas).

What music do you listen to?

S: I like different kinds of music but only listen to electronic music: Techno and Tech / House mainly … In very rare cases listening to other genres … I also really like the Jazz and Blues.

V: I listen every kind of music, jazz, blues, electronic….

How did you get into music and how did you start your career?

S: By attending various club as a boy, I was very much fascinated by the figure of dj … He is the one who directs the evening People have fun with him and it is he who conveys emotions. Happiness Heat and the crowd … Be appreciated by the people for the person you are and the work you do, for me it is the best. This to me comes first, even before the money. I want to love around me .. Got this for me is ok. After there is everything else. Start playing at private parties and then later get to play for the best clubs Romans:Saponeria Club, Alpheus, Gilda, Radiolondra etc. .. and also outside of Rome: France (Marseille), Abruzzo etc. Then start to produce my first tracks that will come out later on an Italian Label based in Bari In a short time I find myself with very many requests to produce a bit all parts of the world: Holland, Colombia, France, Switzerland, London etc …

V: I’ve starded at 14 years old in a small club.

What’s in your studio? At what daw you entrust yourself?

S: In my own little studio: Pc, Studio Mixer Yamaha, Sound Card EMU, Monitor Krk, 2 displays Samsung, Studio Headphones Akg, Mixer 4 Channels, 2 Cdj Pioneer 1 Technics 1210 Mk2, Monitor for Live, Pad Controller, Nano Key, My sequencer is Cubase 5 On the portatile Pc I have Traktor Pro.

V: Now I’m working at my new studio but sure it will be a drum machine, my lcd monitor,
keyboard and other weird stuff!

With what do you play at your live performances?

S: For my live usually use: Mixer Pioneer or Allen & Heath 4-Channel (I prefer Pioneer with the effects),2 Pioneer Cdj 2000/1000, Traktor Pro with Audio Interface A10 and Sennheiser Headphones.

V: Usually I play with cdjs, but i prefer work with Ableton on akai apc40 (my lovely
controller midi! )

What is the disk that you always keep with you in your bag?

S: A song that I always carry with me, say my forte is my remix “Unofficial” – BALD N HAIRY (Afrojack)… To me and people like it.

V: Every club has its history and its public, so the “secret weapons” change everytime.

Is there an anecdote you’d like to share?

S: An anecdote? Mmmm! Right now I do not think of anyone. ehehe.

V: For all those times that somebody ask a song: the dj isn’t a juke box.

What is your hidden dream?

S: My dream is to work only with the music … Dedicate myself to this, because the music in addition to my family and people close to me is my life.

V: I don’t want became famous, I would be a true artist!

What are you boiling in your pot? What are your plans in the next future?

S: Well I can say that in addition to productions for LSR I will have soon new release with big Labels of great people and great artists. Don’t miss it… For the foreseeable future I think I commit a lot to fulfill my greatest dream reported previously and continue to produce more and at the Top, hoping to get more and higher levels … I will fight for this.

V: Actually I’m working on a lot of tracks, also I hope to graduate soon!

What do you think of family/company Life Sentence Rec?

S: Life Sentence Rec? Truly a great and beautiful family. Professionalism, honesty and great love for the work they do. Labels these levels sometimes do not give much importance to new names but Life Sentence does not distinguish … By importance, love and professionalism to each and everything he does and this is Top. Maximum Respect. THANK YOU LIFE SENTENCE REC, I will produce for you with great love, respect and professionalism always.

V: Life Sentence Rec it’s a big label…I’m very lucky! THANK YOU GUYS!

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

S: If I have to choose, I want a good artist and humble artist, correct and professional. I am happy to collaborate with artists of LSR.

V: I love Umek, Ellen Allien, Paul Kalkbrenner, but for now it’s a dream!

A curiosity about yourself and your life to tell the readers of this article.

S: I love nature, I love the mountains and all unspoiled places Away from the city. Where you can feel comfortable and relax.

V: I’ve studied for a private pilot’s licence. I have the passion for flight!





We conclude this article by thanking Simone and Vanessa for the time he dedicated to our questions. We hope he will always be part of our family and hope that you have enjoyed this initiative. Soon will come other interviews to satisfy all music lovers.