Hello guys. With unanimity, our staff decided to publish this article which explains: HOW TO SEND US YOUR MUSIC CORRECTLY.

We receive many tracks every week, our goal is to reply to all, we always respond, either in the affirmative that in case of negative answer. The maximum time to get answer is 2 weeks. Our operations team is composed of four A&R and two Scout for search new talent. Why a project is approved requires the consent of all the staff, then we’ll start working on it.
To facilitate these operations, shorten response times and facilitate the work of the staff must follow the correct procedure of submission.

Send an email to our address: demo@lifesentencerec.com

  1. In the object write DEMO LSR – ARTIST NAME
  2. In the message write who are you in a few lines, so we can better understand who you are. Include a short description of your project who submitted us.
  3. Include the private links soundcloud (for reasons of time and space in the hard disc we do not accept more links such sendspace, dropbox or similar). The links should be private, exclusive only for us. The tracks must be enabled to download, only complete projects in mp3 320, absolutely no work in progress, short cuts, sample protected by copyright.

This is the only solution to send us your music (we work in multiple locations in Europe, is crucial for us to get the stream link, we hardly we are all in the same studio), if you do not satisfy these small requests your email will be moved to the trash.

After writing these details we are waiting for your new projects.

All the best.



How to send us your music correctly

Or use our fastbox here:

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