Daughter of a sound engineer, Rita Gherz starts from a young age to develop a great passion for music. She began studying piano and then, after a graduation in Chemistry, she backs to follow the passions of the heart, wearing headphones and salting in console.
Rita starts so collecting music to undertake her dj career in 2005. She moves to Rome and her musical taste and technical ability are able to impose Rita as a guest for major international brand .

Rita lends her residences to lots Roman Clubs such as Hulalà Club, Eve Club , Nur Bar, Stà Club; She plays music in first-order clubs, like Room26 and Spazio900 and then begins to turn Italy into the coolest Discos from the Adriatic Coast to Southern Italy.
Rita has experienced many musical genres , starting to play House and Electro House but today has found her size in the Deep House and Techno where she creates a unique atmosphere , full of energy and excitement .

In the last couple of years Rita’s been releasing her own tracks and remixes on renowned international labels such BFoolish and now Aparat and Life Sentence Records.

In the winter of 2015 she released her first EP ‘ Helium ‘ which contains two songs that range between tech-house and techno : the flagship song is ‘ Uhllalà ‘, recorded with Rita ‘s voice, the other one is titled ‘Shine’.

Her last release ‘Alien Wheeze’ is a dark techno banger submerged in sinister whistling screams, while the vocals in Alien Wheeze take you into another dark hypnotic trip.

Rita has gone on her way getting surprisingly more and more specialized in techno music and that proves she is here to stay and to get even bigger and with no doubt she will reserve us many surprises.

Now Rita has joined Life Sentence Rec , and 16th of October will release her new track ‘ PeakAlso’ with the collaboration of Dave Scott and Nick Morris . The song is presented in the MAIN MIX version through pressing and incisive sounds, with an hypnotic arpeggio line along with the vocal sample that gives it the title. The atmosphere keeps its acoustic hypnotism in the REROUTE MIX, where everything is more ‘dark’, permeated with dense but fluid sounds. Key to a rhythmic effect that inaugurates the collaboration of three artists on the LifeSentenceRec trail.

Our music is the key to your escape!

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