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Feel free to use this contact form for general inquiries regarding Life Sentence world.

If you want us to listen to your demos, you are welcome to send a private (!) streaming (!) – link (soundcloud etc.) use the form below or go to our DEMO POLICY.

The genre is not important, what really matters are the good ideas and great quality.

Before you send us your message read our article that explains the right procedure, clickhere. If it is not done the correct procedure, your mail will be moved to the trash and you will not get answered. From when you send the e-mail we will respond within a few days explaining that we have considered your proposal, then send us the link stream, to all our A&R. Within ten days you will get a definitive answer (positive or negative) we always reply to those who send us their music. So, kindly sent to us only exclusive tracks without sending to other labels, we do not want to waste our time.

Dear Promoter, please provide us with all the information possible about your company the scheduled event and any information you feel is most important for us to understand exactly what is expected according to your request. Please specify to which artist you are interested, even if more than one (you can see them in our artists page), or if you want to organize a showcase. The more detailed you describe the project as quickly as we can react. Our staff is very professional and will try to organize the collaboration at its best, we know the economic crisis that exists right now, so we’ll try to save you the most money possible. As soon as we received all the details, we’ll get back to you.

If you are a journalist, radio DJ or, generally speaking, an artist with a recognizable profile, please send us a message, introduce yourself and let us know why we should put you on our promotion list.

Please compile the form here below, if you are suitable to our policy, we will send you a confirmation email.

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