Hello to all our readers. For our second article of 2017 we will publish in our webmagazine: FIVE MINUTES WITH … We chose to interview our friend Danilo Cris, the veteran of Diva Records Records. We hope you will find the content of these interesting questions, so that ye may know that some curiosity in the world of the nightlife and its characters.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who are you beyond the music?

D: Hello everyone, but beyond the music is a person who follows the cinema, go to dinner with friends, loves animals and tattoos, a normal person, then most of the time step in the studio.

What music do you listen to?

D: Listen to all the music from Iron Maiden to Mozart, the music for me has no distinction. are always looking for new sounds, but my passion, I am a fan of soundtracks written by Giorgio Moroder and Ennio Morricone, they they inspire my music.

How did you get into music and how did you start your career?

D: I started playing the piano at 5 years, then I’ve done so much classical music, then start the 90 I laid hands on the turntables, as I started it my career as a DJ.
In 2001 I produced my first record with Alternative Route (London) from there and ‘I started my career as a producer.

What’s in your studio? At what daw you entrust yourself?

D: Should I get you a list of all my gear … ??? hihihihiihh…
there are lots of synthesizers and keyboards, those are the first place. I have three locations in the studio and each has its importance.

With what do you play at your live performances?

D: I tried playing with new technologies, but I think for a DJ turntable is always in first place, I can also play with the CD player, for me isn’t difference, also depends on where I have to perform, and in that context.

What is the disk that you always keep with you in your bag?

D: Jestofunk – Can We Live (1993), perhaps the most ‘young people do not remember him, but it’ s a piece of history ”Old School”, him and always with me, in the trunk… but I have other… hihihi…

What is your hidden dream?

D: My dream is: to keep doing music, then what it is is always living to the fullest.

What are you boiling in your pot? What are your plans in the next future?

D: In the pot there are so many things, you don’t advance anything … ” Surprise ” … hihiihihi, there are many future collaborations, and also the birth of a new label.

What do you think of family/company Life Sentence Rec?

D: They are a nice big family, full of serious and professional people, but above all friends.

Which artist would you like to collaborate with in the future?

D: In past I collaborated, worked and played with a lot of professionals in underground field, in the future we will see.

A curiosity about yourself and your life to tell the readers of this article.

D: I consider myself a very humble person, by that I mean you have young people who are starting now to get closer to this world, to remain down-to-earth and humble them in life, then things come with time, and I recommend it a great musical knowledge, is very important.

We conclude this article by thanking Danilo for the time he dedicated to our questions. We hope that you have enjoyed this initiative. Soon will come other interviews to satisfy all music lovers.