Vanessa Laino was born April 9, 1991 in Rome, from very young age collects important local presence in Rome, (Goa, Planet Roma, Gay Village, Alibi, Vogue, Circolo degli Illuminati, Art Cafè and many more)but the encounter with characters that have made the history of electronic music give her the desire to change, and soon discovers a new way to play live through Ableton and its controller (Akai apc40), with which the sound quality and the selection is excellent.

In 2014 was chosen to represent Italy at União Electronica in Luanda (Angola ) with Dana ruh , Nuria Ghia , Estroe and Hanna Hais .

After several years such DJ she started to produce music, her favorite sound is minimal, straight cash and low, actually she is working with NATURA VIVA MUSIC, HUMAN GARDEN MUSIC, LIFE SENTENCE rec, 28EXCESS REC, KRTL, FIERAMENTE rec. GAIN rec, etc etc

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