From today, our family will have a new member in the artists roster. We wish to welcome Pierre, better known as D’JAMENCY.

French origin, he has trodden consolle very important since the 90s.

We are working with him to prepare a new release that will be published to our supporters in 2014. We’re building something really special for you. At this time, we can not tell other news, otherwise this would not be brand new this surprise.

Check out the gig Pierre, his shows are incredible if you get the chance do not miss it.

Also, you can read the profile of D’JAMENCY in our roster here: click here.


Here is some information of the D’JAMENCY biography :

Coming from the Rave scene of the 90’s, this DJ /Producer is the co-founder of Amazone Records and label manager of Among Records. Originally from Lyon, France, D’Jamency has thrived throughout Europe and Asia in the world of Techno. For more than fifteen years he has relentlessly ade his presence felt at events, clubs and festivals such as the Rex club (FR), Nouveau Casino (FR), Villa Rouge (FR), Nuits Sonores Festival (FR), La Nuit Rouge (FR), Universal D.O.G. (DE), D-Club (CH), Octagon club (KR), H20 (BE), World DJs Festival (KR), Yes club (CZ)…
Highly regarded and in demand, D’Jamency is regularly found side by side with internationally renowned DJs and live acts. D’Jamency’s style varies according to his audience; deep and groovy Tech House, to Minimal and hypnotic Techno. His 4 decks performances with inserted samples and loops via Traktor Scratch Pro have left their mark on the European & Asian dance floors. His stage presence is intense and energetic and he stays deeply in tune with his audience. With his extensive knowledge in a variety of musical programming and events, and keeping abreast of the times, D’Jamency continues to seduce his public with refined and evolving skills. An Artist at heart, he has equally devoted his time to Electronic music production for numerous labels since 2001. Notedly he has numerous productions, remixes and original tracks on labels such as Skryptöm, Neverending, Freshin, Crash Tune, Fish rec., Human Garden Music, Communiqué Music, Physical, EP Digital Music, Qubiq, Phäntom, Klinik Room, Arrêt d’Urgence…


D’Jamency has collaborated with famous DJs and Producers such as Scan’x, Spektre, Audio Injection, Axel Karakasis, Tom Hades, Dustin Zahn, Tim Xavier, Mr Henry Von, Electric Rescue, Citizen Kain, Da Fresh, Lowkey & Kardinal, Andrea Roma, Matt Minimal, Dolby D, Atochi, Superstrobe, Andres Gil, Leghau, Daegon, Cortechs, Maverickz, Tektight, Florian Tyack & Funkbrainer, John Lagora, Commuter, Peuch, D-Funkshion… and many more !


Here for you a recent live recording of D’JAMENCY. Downloadable.



A video of a gig by D’JAMENCY.


To get a booking and more information write to:

All The Best.

LSR Staff

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